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Julian Wissmann julianwissmann at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 04:44:19 PST 2009

Oh, that didn't go to the list, did it.
I should actually read where I send stuff to, well, anyway.

Suse was bought by Novell a while back as you probably know, but as  
far as I know the Suse team still is located in Nuernberg over here in  
They're programmers/geeks whichever you prefer to call it, not lawyers.
So chances are they didn't know about this either when they started  
out, but considering that Yast was closed source for a while they  
probably found out soon.

Am 02.03.2009 um 09:28 schrieb Bernt Hansson:

> Julian Wissmann skrev:
>> An EULA actually in nearly all European Countries and probably most
>> other countries in the World is not binding.
> That's my point. An EULA is just, that. An EULA.
>> Even in the US it is not
>> quite clear if an EULA is a valid license agreement.
> Can't comment on that.
>> Also EULAs and
>> many Licenses actually only apply to US Law, so basically they're not
>> worth anything anywhere else.
> Yes. US law apply to us only.
>> You couldn't enforce a GPL in Germany or
>> some other european countries for example, because it is built atop
>> another legal system with different ideas of how things work.
> Interesting! Suse comes to mind, but is suse linux still based in  
> germany?
>> Same
>> thing applies to EULAs. I read a very interesting article on German  
>> iX
>> magazine recently wich was covering this. Don't have access to it
>> right now though cause I'm on a trip home, so I can't really say much
>> more about it, but if you want specific details I can post them in a
>> bout a week.
> Take your time. This kind of discussion's come and go.
>> Am 28.02.2009 um 22:29 schrieb Bernt Hansson:
>>> Chris Rees skrev:
>>>> 2009/2/28 Bernt Hansson <bernt at bah.homeip.net>:
>>>>> Lord Blackadder skrev:
>>>>>> Bernt Hansson wrote:
>>>>>>> Sean Cavanaugh skrev:
>>>>>> I'm sorry to disappoint you, Bernt, but under Swedish law any
>>>>>> kind of
>>>>>> agreement is legally binding. Even just a handshake.
>>>>> Yes. But clicking yes or no is not a handshake or oral agreement
>>>>> acording to Swedish law.
>>>> Again, back it up? You're just expecting us to believe your
>>>> interpretation of the law.
>>> Who's interpretation are you in comfort with? Your own? Sombody
>>> else, a
>>> lawyer? A pornstar?
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