libpthread not found

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Sun Mar 1 03:00:48 PST 2009

m.borsatino at wrote:

> thanks ... but ... how?
> now I don't get the first message; but the second tells me that a library
> is missing, but it is present. anyway I' prepared a very simple
> /etc/libmap.conf like this:
> # /etc/libmap.conf
> #
> # candidate             mapping
> #
> 		/usr/compat/linux/lib/

Change to:
> but clearly this is not enough. should I restart the system or use a
> program to make the change accepted?

No need, it is picked up the next time the libmap.conf file is parsed.

What is occurring is the java binary was built against, which is 
what you would find on a FreeBSD 6.x box. 


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