ANNOUNCE: Custom GNOME-based FreeBSD iso released

Tim Judd tajudd at
Tue Jun 30 15:45:33 UTC 2009

On 6/30/09, Andrew Gould <andrewlylegould at> wrote:
> 2009/6/30 Manolis Kiagias <sonicy at>:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hey all,
>> Continuing the effort in producing custom FreeBSD builds, I am pleased
>> to announce a GNOME-based one.
>> This includes a complete GNOME 2.26.2 desktop and also the
>> gnome-power-tools and gnome-fifth-toe package collections.
>> As always, feedback is welcome.
>> Manolis Kiagias
> It would be interesting to see how much demand exists for an
> installation DVD with KDE 3.5.  (KDE lost a large amount of voter
> share in Linux Journal's last Readers' Choice Awards.)
> Does anyone know how long KDE 3.5 will be available in the ports?
> (Expecting its eventual demise, I switched to Gnome, then to XFCE4.)
> Andrew

When I run KDE, I run KDE4.  I'm not asking for someone to generate a
KDE3.5 or KDE4 install medium, but where is the line?

If we make XFCE4, and Gnome2.26, why not Enlightenment, Blackbox,
KDE3.5, KDE4, etc etc etc?

Earlier, I made hints at a webGUI install (the install medium would
boot into X, basic setup (VESA driver @1024x768, 24 [or 16bit]
depth)), run firefox or another lightweight browser (even lynx in the
console if X fails to start) on it's own filesystem or over apache.
Once network configuration is done, you can pull the data sets for
your choice of WM from the internet.

I think this has potential, and would offer making it (already started
on it), but I think my statements went on deaf ears when addressed to
the broad public.

So I'll ask again if anyone else would be interested in this.  The
advantage is that on this webGUI install, you can offer it (secured of
course) over the internet for someone more technical to do the install
or configuring, including the same post-install configuration that
sysinstall offers.

Anybody else think it's a good idea?  Willing to take suggestions.
Would satisfy my "designing" and "creativity" mindset I'm in right

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