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On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 08:07:19PM -0500, Derek Funk wrote:
> Attempting to setup cups and samba into a jail. How do you mount/add 
> device node /dev/ulpt0 within a jail.
> Essentially I would like to know, how to add device nodes within jail 
> /dev for specifically the devices I want?

You need to create some devfs rules, which live in a file called
/etc/devfs.rules in the HOST system. As an example to get you going, here
is what I use (edited for brevity):

add path 'da*'  mode 0664 group operator
add path 'acd*' mode 0666 group operator
add path 'cd*'  mode 0666 group operator

add hide

add path null unhide
add path zero unhide
add path crypto unhide
add path random unhide
add path urandom unhide
add path net unhide
add path net/lo0 unhide
add path net/nfe0 unhide

add path 'ptyp*' unhide
add path 'ptyq*' unhide
add path 'ptyr*' unhide

# Devices usually found in a jail.
add include $hide_all
add include $unhide_basic
add include $unhide_login

And then in /etc/rc.conf, you'll need a couple of extra settings:



In your case, you'd want to put the printer device node in either one of
the already defined rulesets, or in a new set which you then include in 
the [devfsrules_jail=501] section.


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