Checksum mismatches when csup-ing.

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Tue Jun 23 15:10:18 UTC 2009

Paul van der Zwan wrote:

> Well at least I am not the only one seeing these errors. I think we can
> rule out a local problem and will have to wait for someone to fix this.
>> Note: I use cvsup to maintain a local copy of the cvs repository.
>> It is not clear if you too is doing that, or if you use cvsup to
>> check out
>> just the latest version.
> I use cvsup/csup to mirror the cvs repo and I do a local cvs checkout.
> But until these errors are fixed I will not be doing any checkouts and
> build
> for src. I don't think I can trust the repository...

Ah - OK. Got it now. Maintaining you own local repository, e.g. not just a 
simple src upgrade/download such as I do here for basic updating.

I recently saw something about this, IIRC on the -Current, or possible -
Stable list explaining this. It had something to do with the export from SVN 
back to CVS. I believe the developers are aware of this. Search the archive 
for their comments. 


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