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DA Forsyth wrote:
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>  "freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 264, Issue 3":
>>> I am trying to find out the temperature of my CPU. After a whole night 
>>> from dusk till dawn of searching the Web like a furious spider, I got 
>>> the following results: it can be done via either ISA or SMB, with one of 
>>> the ports: lmmon, healthd, consolehm or mbmon, and there are also few 
>>> modules that are required in the kernel: smb, smbus, intpm, ichsmb 
> I used a TUSL2 board for a while for one of my servers and mbmon 
> worked fine with it.  I did have to compile mbmon without SMB support 
> though (just look inside the Makefile for the right thing to define 
> to prevent smb support).  Then when you do a 'mbmon -d' it will tell 
> you what it finds.   I never even tried adding smb support to the 
> kernel until after I upgraded both the motherboard and BSD to 7.1 and 
> was curious to see what it might give me.
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Holy cahones de la... *skipping few languages* ...rear of Vyagrimukha 
and Leviathan!! I'm so happy, de merde!.. So, like... When installing 
mbmon, it gives you an option to disable SMB support; I did never even 
think about disabling it because where would it take the data from?!.. I 
do not have ISA or I2C, so SMB seemed like the only way. But, with this 
support, it's completely impossible to read the temperatures (and -d 
says that, like, ICH found but there is hardware monitor on it...), and 
when you disable this support - it reads everything properly!! Thank you 
very much, my new old CPU will now rest happily knowing that I always 
watch carefully after its temperature...

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