SSL Acceleration cards

Cameron Jacobson cameron7 at
Sun Jun 21 05:57:08 UTC 2009

I posted a message about SSL Acceleration cards a while back on one of
the newsgroups, but never got a response.  I'm revisiting this now
that I've got a project in the works that I'd like to utilize this
technology, but still don't think I have the equipment I need.  I
purchased several SSL cards a while back and all of them did quite
well on OpenSSL when I ran the 'speed' utility for Synchronous
algorithms, but it was obvious FreeBSD wasn't utilizing the
Asynchronous functionality of the cards.

Does anyone have recommendations on some relatively inexpensive SSL
Acceleration cards (recommended, preferably where the manufacturer
actually supports the BSD drivers) where FreeBSD can perform with
asynchronous algorithms as well?


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