ANNOUNCING: Web site for the "FreeBSD Custom Releases" project

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Sat Jun 20 16:26:09 UTC 2009

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Hey all,

Most members of the list have probably noticed my latest posts on a
project to create custom FreeBSD CD/DVDs with updated (or different)
set of packages.

There is also an ongoing effort to provide pre-compiled packages for
larger applications like OpenOffice.
Glen Barber, who is providing the space and bandwidth for the above,
has also joined in the building process and created VirtualBox
packages for download.

I've so far received very positive feedback, and would like to thank
everyone who took the time to send me comments, suggestions and
appreciation ;)

In order to have a central hub for easily locating the download files
and receiving news about this project, I created a small wiki-based site:

It contains just the essentials for now, but will expand with more
material as the need arises. It will also contain announcements for
new releases.

Thanks for your support!

Manolis Kiagias
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