Gateway load balance

Raul I. Becette raulbecette at
Thu Jun 18 13:21:53 UTC 2009

Wojciech Puchar escribio':
>> I am a long time Linux user (desktop and server) and started with 
>> FreeBSD a year ago.
>> Thanks to the book Absolute FreeBSD 2nd Edition I learned a lot about 
>> the OS and how to configure different services I used in Linux 
>> (Slackware).
> very rare case today - someone that read books FIRST :)))
We always said that when everything fails, go to the books =o)
Like I said previously... a lot of idle time in my former job.

>> I had a proxy server (Squid + Dansguardian) under Slackware on the 
>> LAN which, via 'ip route' I make it use 3 gateways connected each one 
>> to an ADSL line and balance the requests.
>> Unfortunately my server crashed and I took the oportunity to install 
>> a new one under FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE. Squid and Dansguardian are 
>> working fine. My problem is that I don't know how to make the server 
>> use the other 2 gateways I have left and balance the requests on all 
>> ADSL lines.
> use ipfw and fwd command.
> for example with output section
> add 10000 fwd gw1_IP from DSL1_subnet to any via gw1_ethernet
> add 10001 fwd gw2_IP from DSL2_subnet to any via gw2_ethernet
> add 10002 fwd gw3_IP from DSL3_subnet to any via gw3_ethernet
> please do treat above as an example of course.
Of course... more reading to do about ipfw
> Of course use right squid commands so it will select right source IP 
> based on the rules you want, but as you already did id under linux i 
> assume you have this practiced already.
Last configurarion was a transparent proxy with request coming from the 
firewall LAN interface (actual LAN gateway). It is working that way now 
and I intend to take it away and make the proxy the default gateway of 
the LAN and do the balance..
> i had 5+2 Polish Telecom links connected to one server - worked fine.
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