Crusty upgrade (was Make Question)

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Jun 17 00:28:11 UTC 2009

Peter Clark writes:

>  Is there a recommended upgrade path? I know about cvsup and whatnot. 
>  What I mean is are there some blatant gotchas when making this big a 
>  jump (5.1p18 -> 6.4)? Are there some recommended stops along the way or 
>  can it be done in one fell swoop. Is Colin Percival's 
>  a viable way to approach this?

	I do not know if freebsd-update works on 5.x.
	Even if it were possible, I strongly recommend installing from
scratch when crossing a ",0" boundary and am not alone in that
opinion.  It provides the opportunity to resize partitions; there is
less likelihood of a library mismatch, and you will recover the
space used by any orphaned files.  (My personal practice is to
install to a new disk, and mount the old disk read-only until I'm
willing to bet there's nothing more I need.)

					Robert Huff

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