Announcing: FreeBSD Custom XFCE ISO (take II)

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Tue Jun 16 06:46:33 UTC 2009

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Hey all,

This is a continuation of the effort that started with this post:

This little project also found its way to Distrowatch Weekly news

Since there was an update of the base system to 7.2-RELEASE-p1 a few
days ago, it was a good chance to update this ISO and also include
some newer packages.

The new ISO may be downloaded from here (space and bandwidth courtesy
of Glen Barber):

Don't forget to check the integrity of the download using the CHECKSUM
/ signature files provided:

The following tarball contains the options used to build the ports.
The ports tree on the ISO is the actual one used to build the packages:

Note: Updated packages (from the same ports tree) will
follow soon.

Changes from the previous version

- - Wbar was removed. The package would install without problems but did
not run. Please install this from ports.
- - Some other small apps were introduced.   See below.
- - Base system was updated to 7.2-RELEASE-p1
- - Ports that use python now use python26.  This was not done
intentionally, the tinderbox built them that way. It delayed me
however as the INDEX file (required in the release process) was  still
pointing to python25 dependencies and was causing errors.

List of main packages

This is a comprehensive list of packages included in the ISO:

abiword, archivers (zip, unzip, rar, unrar) bash, bluefish, cdrtools,
dvd+rw-tools, evince, firefox3, gimp, gnash, gnumeric, gnupg,
inkscape, mercurial, pkg_rmleaves, portaudit, portupgrade,  rdesktop,
rtorrent, ristretto, samba, scribus, sudo, thunderbird, tilda, wget,
xfburn,  xfce4 + plugins,  xorg, zim.

Several other packages are included as dependencies of the above top
level ones. The total list of packages is 496.  There are no conflicts
between them, you may even install all of them during the initial
setup or afterwards.

I will start preparing a server ISO (CD sized) soon. I also welcome
all ideas on what to include/exclude in later versions of this DVD.
It has been suggested to include openoffice packages as abiword /
gnumeric don't cut it for many people. This will increase the size of
the download, although hopefully not dramatically as most dependencies
are probably already included. I am all open to ideas, so please email
me your suggestions and comments.

Manolis Kiagias
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