what is the best way to remove a program?

Ott Köstner OttK at zzz.ee
Sun Jun 14 19:45:47 UTC 2009

Mark Hartkemeyer wrote:
> I was installing the mysql51-server port and I had a message that the
> install could not proceed, because mysql50-client was already
> installed.  I simply ran a "cd" and then a "make deinstall" in the
> mysql50-client directory.  Is this is the best way to remove a
> program?  Does it depend on how the program was added (compiled versus
> prebuilt binary added with pkg_add -r)?  I've tried pkg_delete in the
> past, but it seems to always complain about dependencies and not
> actually remove the program.
In this case, pkg_delete should do the work for you.

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