sound disappeared when transition from linux_base-fc4 to linux_base-fc6

Dmitry Lunts eingorn777 at
Sun Jun 14 13:00:22 UTC 2009

The problem is as follows.
A couple of days ago I did transition from linux_base-fc4 (default
linux support module) to linux_base-fc6. The purpose was to install
skype, which rquires at least linux_base-fc6 support. Along with this
I completely reinstalled ("pkg_delete" then
"make install clean" from week-ago portsnapped ports tree) all the
dependent ports, including
linux-flashplugin-9.0r159 and nspluginwrapper.
The rusult is: skype works OK,
but sound completely disappeared when when watchin videos from, say, youtube.
Sound system itself works OK, as well as skype, too :-))
Could anyone give me a hint or readdress me to the right mailing list?
P.S.OS FreeBSD 7.1

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