XC86Config mouse settings for VirtualBox?

Michael David Crawford mdc at prgmr.com
Sat Jun 13 06:20:42 UTC 2009

I'm running FreeBSD 5.2 in VirtualBox.  The reason for the old version 
is that that's the version described in The Design and Implementation of 
the FreeBSD Operating System - I want to browse and tinker with the 
kernel sources as I read the book.

(Which is excellent - I recommend it highly.)

The problem I've got is that I cannot get the mouse to work under X11.

If I don't enable the mouse daemon in sysinstall, then I can't move the 
mouse at all in X11.

If I do enable the mouse daemon, then in X11 the cursor mostly stays in 
one corner or another, but flies wildly about the screen if I try to 
move it.

I've spent two or three hours monkeying with this, and have gotten 
nowhere.  Frankly I am astonished that I couldn't find what I needed 
either at the http://www.virtualbox.org/ website or in google.

VirtualBox is nice when it works, but a major problem with it is that it 
is *very* poorly documented.  For example nowhere on the VirtualBox 
website does it say that it emulates a PS/2 mouse, or that the emulated 
video is only VESA and not any particular model of video card.

Wherever it might come close to clueing me in on these things, it just 
says to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions - which are not yet 
available for FreeBSD!

I'm able to get the X11 video working OK, using the VESA driver.  Just 
not the mouse.

Once I get a working XF86Config, I'll be happy to share it with the world.

I'm using VirtualBox 2.2.4 under Fedora 10 on an x86_64 Xeon e5420 box.


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