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>If 0.111% of customers are unfortunate enough to end up with something
>entirely beyond their control causing something to happen that can be
>imagined to be a violation of GoDaddy's partially undisclosed policies,
>and 0.1% of GoDaddy customers end up getting their domain names held
>hostage to the tune of several hundred dollars as a result of those
>incidents entirely beyond their control, that means that about 90% of
>people GoDaddy has any way of exploiting, extorting, or otherwise
>screwing over in a manner defensible in court are getting exactly that
>(Note that I'm making up numbers here, just like you.)
>So . . . you're basically gambling that you'll never be the victim of
>circumstances that would allow GoDaddy to figure it can get away with
>screwing you over.  I prefer to gamble on other things.  Your mileage
>may vary.

I am not going to debate.

1) Your math doesn't even begin to compute - as you stated.
2) You have supplied no factual proof of your statement. Innuendo is not

Every time you get in a car, you risk your life. Does that mean you
should live in a bubble? If you have documented proof of your
statements, I would love to see them. If not, you sound like someone
who screwed up, got burned and like is now the norm in our society,
refusing to take responsibility for it; preferring to place the blame on
someone or something else.

If you don't like GoDaddy, that is your prerogative. However,
slandering them with undocumented statements is rather low. As I said,
I have not had a problem with them in the seven years I have used their
services. Obviously, that does not coincide with your statements.

Out of morbid curiosity, who are you presently using? I am willing to
bet that I can find someone with a horror story to tell about them
also. Would it be accurate; you tell me?

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