Problem with burncd

Bob Johnson fbsdlists at
Tue Jun 9 21:51:41 UTC 2009

On 6/9/09, Carmel <Carmel_NY at> wrote:
> I just installed FreeBSD-7.2. I attempted to burn a CD; however,
> when the burn completes, I receive this message:
> burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCFIXATE); Input/output error.

I have been getting that error message on and off for some time
(years) now. The CD comes out ok, though, so I think it is failing
after the fixate process is complete. Without a filesystem, you can
still get your file back with "dd if=/dev/acd0 of=newfilename.txt
bs=2048" where of course newfilename.txt can be whatever you want the
new copy to be called.

The other issues raised by your post (no filesystem, other software)
have been addressed by others, but fwiw I use mkisofs to build the
filesystem, and then burncd to burn it to the cd. For storing data on
DVDs, growisofs is much more convenient, install it as part of

-- Bob Johnson
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