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>On Thu, Jun 04, 2009 at 11:50:35PM -0400, itsemu wrote:
>> if your dealing with a isp such as a cable/dsl company, remember the
>> requirements to work there, they arent trained on anything besides
>> windows.. probably dont really know what a static ip is or have any
>> idea what hardware each different county they are supporting has in
>> there headend because its all different, reverse dns will probably
>> be a waste of ip space because of the way its assigned in classes
>> and i seriously doubt they will do it via a ticket if its not that
>> way. named registration if im catching that right godaddys probably
>> going to be cheaper maybe im wrong who knows..
>Use a better registrar than GoDaddy.  Price isn't everything, and
>GoDaddy will as soon screw you over as look at you.
>When searching for registrars to use, the first thing I do is look for
>registrars that have donated domain registration and/or hosting
>services to open source projects, because that always says something
>nice about their level of customer service and knowledgeability.  The
>second thing I look for is their conflict resolution policy, because I
>never want to be in the position of having my service halted on
>someone else's say-so for something that isn't my fault without anyone
>letting me know there's a problem in time to fix it before service is
>cut off -- and I *definitely* don't want to pay a
>severeal-hundred-dollar ransom to get my domain name back (a favorite
>dirty trick of GoDaddy's).
>Price is somewhere down around concern five or six when I'm choosing a
>domain name registrar.

I have used GoDaddy for 7 years now without a single problem. Maybe I
am just lucky. I have only contacted them twice; however, I received
a quick and courteous response to my inquiry.

I know nothing about their philanthropic practices, nor does it concern
me, unless I happen to be the beneficiary of such acts.

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