fsck on 1.5TB drive

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Sun Jun 7 06:53:27 UTC 2009

> You are right Puchar, but sometimes (2 in 100 on powerfailure) the
> filesystem
> gets corrupted (database files opened, and being extended)...  so
> when the fsck enters, the database get corrupted..

Filesystem will rather be not corrupted, but database file data.
Non-journalled UFS with softupdates guarrantes the right sequence of disk 
updates. For example it will not allocate just freed space until freeid 
inodes/blocks are not wrote back to disk.

As in your example - extended and written something, but will end unextended 

> by using zfs or journaling I never have anothter database problem....

This is sequence problem - for example you write to file A,B and C 
then it's a crash and you have file A and C written but not B.

I though that all this "famous" database systems like mysql already have 
mechanism for that. looks like not, or it should not get corrupted.

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