fsck on 1.5TB drive

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Sat Jun 6 14:17:40 UTC 2009

> system and swap, and the rest for a single large partition to be used for
> backups.  As of right now, the single partition, /bkup, is empty.
> When booting after an improper shutdown, the system starts the backgrounds
> fsck as usual and on all the other partitions, seem to take the "normal"

turn off background fsck.

> amount of time.  When it gets to the dirty /bkup however, fsck takes about
> 30 minutes - on an empty partition.  On top of that, running a df shows
> that as much as 2GB of the partition is in use.  There's a .snap directory
> off /bkup, but I can't ls it without the shell hanging.
> Is this normal behavior?  Why is the fsck taking so long on an empty

because snapshotting takes so much. and even worse - it doesn't work right 
at least when i tried in FBSD 6.2.

Simply turn it off.

BTW your backups are mostly big files or mostly small.

make use of newfs options - MUCH less inodes, bigger blocks.
Not only fsck is faster, but it's faster in normal use and you get less 
wasted space.

reducing -m make sense too.

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