fsck on 1.5TB drive

John Nielsen. info at us.army.org
Sat Jun 6 14:08:29 UTC 2009

Hey guys...

I just installed 7.2 on a 1.5TB RAID 5. I'm using about 10GB for the
system and swap, and the rest for a single large partition to be used for
backups.  As of right now, the single partition, /bkup, is empty.

When booting after an improper shutdown, the system starts the backgrounds
fsck as usual and on all the other partitions, seem to take the "normal"
amount of time.  When it gets to the dirty /bkup however, fsck takes about
30 minutes - on an empty partition.  On top of that, running a df shows
that as much as 2GB of the partition is in use.  There's a .snap directory
off /bkup, but I can't ls it without the shell hanging.

Is this normal behavior?  Why is the fsck taking so long on an empty
drive?  What's the .snap dir for since I haven't run any dumps?  Disk
access on the rest of the system seems fine, so it doesn't appear to be an
issue with the RAID itself.


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