Installing latest version of LaTeX

Glyn Millington glyn at
Sat Jun 6 07:07:37 UTC 2009

bf <bf2006a at> writes:

>> Thanks for the info.  I'll have to try to install TeX Live.
> This is not trivial, which is one of the reasons it hasn't been done.

Well *porting* TeX Live is certainly not trivial!  But actually
installing it as free-standing software is not too hard.

Get it from here:

I find that the live installation over the internet works very well - the
links are there on the same page. Everything is installed in its own
directory structure so it is easy to clean out if you need to do so.

One useful point - in the main menu TeX Live gives the opportunity for the
installer to create symbolic links to its main programs in standard
directories. It is so much easier than doing so by hand!!

If you decide to download the huge iso instead, just mount it and install
from there.

mount_cd9660 -o ro /dev/`mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /path/to/file.iso`

Good luck:-)


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