it is about installing FreeBSD on USB stick

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Sat Jun 6 01:55:56 UTC 2009

Eric Hsieh wrote:
> hello, this is my first time to ask a help from FreeBSD.
> I have a question about installing FreeBSD on USB stick.
> There are so many informations about how to install FreeBSD on USB
> stick from Internet, but I can not find out any information about
> follow :
> first, if i install FreeBSD on USB stick. Could I operate it on any computer.
> if not, how to reach this issue ?
> second, if i install FreesBIE on USB stick, i know i can operate it on
> any computer.
> but i don't know how to store my setting and installed software on USB
> stick directly instead of copy my setting to another store device.
> thanks, good luck for you.
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Your statement of "any computer" is too undefined. The answer to your 
first question as you wrote it is NO. But if we define "any computer" as
"any 386 type of computer" then the answer is yes. Note: Not all PC's 
manufactured have option to boot from USB stick or use the 386 type of CPU.

Your second question is wrong. FreesBie has same limitation as Freebsd.
"any 386 type of computer" with USB stick boot option then the answer is 

There are other versions of Freebsd for the other CPU types of Pc's. If 
you use one of those other versions for CPU type then your USB stick can 
only run on PC's of the same CPU type.

All of Freebsd run time configuration files are in /etc
/etc will be on your USB stick Freebsd system and will be the ones you 
are modifying.

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