time to ask for help... .

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Thu Jun 4 21:16:44 UTC 2009

	Around 18 months ago when my network was disintegrating, one Jon Horne
	very thoughtfully came to my rescue and stuck with me until things were
	reorganized and then rebuilt.  The way my site is now configured, my ISP
	(Qwest) baby-bell has its router connected to my pfSense firewall.  The
	firewall computer connects to my FreeBSD server which handles my DNS,
	mail, and web.  The server then fans out to my several desktops.  This
	one, my laptop, my daughter's MacBook, and has a spare CAT5 for my wife's

	At a minimum, I'd like to have CVS working on at least my server.  While
	Jon Horne had no formal bg in comp sci, the guy is a net-wizard.  Problem
	is, that I haven't been able to reach him by chat or email for a couple

	Before Xmas, '07, I used ipf and/or IPFW .... managed to catch and kill 
	hundreds of kiddie-scripters trying to crack in.  But with pfSense and 
	how things are *now*, I'm in the dark.  So any help willl be very welcome.

	tia, folks,


	PS: personal plug: a slice of my book is within my ~/.sig ...

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