repeating error message from ssh

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Thu Jun 4 19:45:38 UTC 2009

Dave wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks everyone for the information on this. I'm not running
> anything ipv6, i'd like to turn this off completely. The dns for my
> network unfortunately due to lack of computers is being provided by a
> 2wire gateway 2701, if anyone has any information on this thing's dhcp or
> dns i'd love to hear it, googling hasn't shown me how to change the
> internal domain name. Thanks.
> Dave.

If you are talking about the server side you may take a look at 
/etc/ssh/sshd_config for the following:

#ListenAddress ::

as in manually bind it particular interface(s) and comment out the wild 
cards. This is how I have mine and I don't get the IPv6 lookups. Could also 
be something else I've done and haven't realized it yet either.  :-)


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