Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed Jun 3 19:09:16 UTC 2009

> Isn't there an "OpenVMS" somewhere?  Is it true OSS?

No. it's just product name, and is closed source.

They changed the name when IMHO it started to provide some api 
that allow porting apps from other systems (like unix) easier.

> Also, how many people actually review source code AND have the skills to
> find security related issues?

very few. and even less actually do this.

some do it to actually make use of security holes, not fix it.

Even more probable, they use it for some time, and then tell when they'll 
find another ;)

> I like "Open" for all the reasons most people do, but not convinced
> having access to source to review for security holes is a major
> "feature".  I like source to fix things and add features /

The only feature of open source is ... open source and no paying for 

Everything else - depends of actual software :)

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