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Isn't there an "OpenVMS" somewhere?  Is it true OSS?

Also, how many people actually review source code AND have the skills to
find security related issues?  Seems mostly "black hats" would be
interested in this as they have ulterior motives whereas "typical" users
just want to use the software for what it was intended for.

I like "Open" for all the reasons most people do, but not convinced
having access to source to review for security holes is a major
"feature".  I like source to fix things and add features /
functionality!  Not that I can do it, but I can pay someone to WAY
faster than getting M$ or others fix anything!

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> I'd like to add that IF security problems get discovered in OSS,
> it's usually just a matter of few time that this problem gets
> corrected. This is mostly because the public is able to look at

that's true - i pointed it out at the beginning.
It can be found easily that someone adds backdoor intentionally.
But unintentional security holes are different thing.

Everyone can find them and fix, but at the same time everyone can find 
them and use them.

With closed source both are more difficult.

> In MICROS~1 land, you give yourself entirely into the hand of a
> corporation that is not interested in selling secure products,

So this is not open/closed source problem, but micro-soft approach.
They just don't care about security. As they don't care about
and about bugs. But that's just micro-soft.

> A counter-example is VMS. It is a commercial product, but highly
> reliable and secure.

At least is said too, i never used or even seen VMS.
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