how to boot or access problem file system

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Fri Jul 31 19:42:44 UTC 2009

Roland Smith wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 02:36:23PM -0400, PJ wrote:
>> Thanks for replying Roland,
>> I've been struggling with upgrading 7.0 to 7.2... it has taken a lot of
>> my time and I am still not happy.
> <snip>
>> Anyway... back to the messed up 7.1 installation.
>> I ran livefs 7.1 and chose option 6 (I think; it was the last on the
>> list) and I got the boot cursor (I think) ... 
> Don't do that. Just wait and let the system boot, or choose 1, which
> amounts to the same. Then choose your country and keyboard settings from
> the menus you are presented with.
> Next, you come into the sysinstall main menu. Choose "Fixit", and in the
> next menu choose "2 CDROM/DVD". Now you enter the standard 'sh'. If you
> want, type 'tcsh' to start the C shell. I find that more convenient
> because it uses tab completion for commands and files. You can now use
> all the commands that are available in the base system.
> No go back to my previous message and see what if anything is wrong with
> your disk partitions.
>> cd devices:
>>   cd0: Device 0x1
>> disk devices:
>>   disk0: BIOS drive a:
>>   disk1: BIOS drive C:
>>     disk1s1: Unknown fs: 0x7 (I think this must be ntfs ? but ? )
>>   disk2: BIOS drive D:
>>   disk3: BIOS drive E:
>>     disk3s1a: FFS
>>     disk3s1b: swap
>>     disk3s1d: FFS
>>     disk3s1e: FFS
>>     disk3s1f: FFS
> Do you have a dual boot installation with FreeBSD on a second drive?
> Roland
Basically, the news is not good.
The directories & files are not what I had to begin with.
ls /dev/ad0s1 or any disk/slice merely gets: Permission denied.

Not a dual boot installation - pure FreeBSD. I was using this as a
server with apache/mysql/samba/cups + a number of programs like
Netbeans, Openoffice, Gimp, Inkscape. etc. etc.

But I suppose I could move the disks to another machine, or maybe
better, add a Windows disk to this box...

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