gmirror / crash dumps

Philip M. Gollucci pgollucci at
Fri Jul 31 04:34:05 UTC 2009


Say I've got the following:
/dev/mirror/gm0s1b    none            swap    sw

/dev/mirror/gm0s1a    989M    390M    520M    43%    /
/dev/mirror/gm0s1g     15G    1.7G     12G    13%    /usr
/dev/mirror/gm0s1h    544G    1.8M    501G     0%    /usr/home
/dev/mirror/gm0s1d    1.9G    500M    1.3G    27%    /usr/src
/dev/mirror/gm0s1e    1.9G    1.1G    733M    60%    /usr/obj
/dev/mirror/gm0s1f     97G    2.0K     89G     0%    /var

Well I'm trying to get my kernel panics to cause dumps
1) /etc/rc.conf

2) sudo chmod 700 /var/crash

3) 8GB RAM, 16GB of swap, /var/crash is 16GB < 97GB

4) I have the following in my 7-stable kernel
makeoptions     DEBUG=-g
options         AUDIT
options         KTRACE
options         KDB
options         KDB_TRACE
options         DDB
options         GDB
options         BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER
options         INVARIANTS
options         INVARIANT_SUPPORT
options         WITNESS
options         DEBUG_LOCKS
options         DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS
options         LOCK_PROFILING
options         DIAGNOSTIC

The long and the short of it is I don't get any dumps.

I read somewhere that you can't dump onto a gmirror device.
So I've moved /var off of
/dev/mirror/gm0s1f     97G    2.0K     89G     0%    /var
and I can now do what I want with this.

How do I go about re-jiggering this (2-disk gmirror) so I can use 1
slice from one of them as my dumpon(8) device?


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