mutt with muttprofile and GnuPG-Support

Frank Steinborn steinex at
Thu Jul 30 15:04:53 UTC 2009

Christian Grube wrote:
> It is possible for me to spend my time without the file_charset, but the other ones gives me some
> problems.
> Now I've to find out, what patches mutt in debian lenny is using to provide them in FreeBSD.
> Mutt is much important for me, I dislike any GUI-click-MUAs.
> At the moment, I'm using mutt on my Srv ( till now debian driven, would be changed soon).
> mutt in Debian is 1.15.18 and I saw the patches with mutt -v.
> So I've to keep up the good work and will post again after I've changed the behaviour to a for
> me well known mutt;)
> If interrested mutt -v under Debian:
> Doesn't seems to be a problem for me really, hope so;)


please read my reply to you, i guess it's all explained there...


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