mutt with muttprofile and GnuPG-Support

Christian Grube seraphyn at
Thu Jul 30 14:58:25 UTC 2009

Hi Andrew,
> I may be misunderstanding the issue with SMTP.  Is the poster just
> needing to send email through a non-local email server?  If so, the
> port msmtp is very easy to use and works very well with mutt.
> Andrew
I've changed from Debian (used mutt there) to FreeBSD and it works
very well. My issue was, that i used the .muttrc and some Profiles
in my .mutt ( as example profile.chris, profile.seraphyn, profile.etc..)
with muttprofile to have an allinone-MUA. Using buildin smtp/imap to
use my Server at my hoster, SPAM/Virus etc is made there. OfflineIMAP
for Backup.
But after starting mutt-devel in FreeBSD i get following Errors:
Fehler in /home/seraphyn/.mutt/profile.seraphyn, Zeile 1: file_charset: Unbekannte Variable.
Fehler in /home/seraphyn/.mutt/profile.seraphyn, Zeile 13: header_cache: Unbekannte Variable.
Fehler in /home/seraphyn/.mutt/profile.seraphyn, Zeile 20: smtp_url: Unbekannte Variable.
Fehler in /home/seraphyn/.mutt/profile.seraphyn, Zeile 21: smtp_authenticators: Unbekannte Variable.
Fehler in /home/seraphyn/.mutt/profile.seraphyn, Zeile 22: smtp_pass: Unbekannte Variable.
>> Unbekannte Variable = means not known variable
It is possible for me to spend my time without the file_charset, but the other ones gives me some
Now I've to find out, what patches mutt in debian lenny is using to provide them in FreeBSD.
Mutt is much important for me, I dislike any GUI-click-MUAs.
At the moment, I'm using mutt on my Srv ( till now debian driven, would be changed soon).
mutt in Debian is 1.15.18 and I saw the patches with mutt -v.
So I've to keep up the good work and will post again after I've changed the behaviour to a for
me well known mutt;)
If interrested mutt -v under Debian:
Doesn't seems to be a problem for me really, hope so;)

Greetings and Thanks

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