Diablo JDK threads implementation

Peter Steele psteele at webmail.maxiscale.com
Wed Jul 29 15:21:57 UTC 2009

We've developed a server platform around FreeBSD 7.0 consisting of
several applications written in C and one primary application written in
Java (JDK 1.6). We're seeing cases in some of ouor stress tests where
some threads in our JAVA application appear to get no CPU time for
extended periods of time (sometimes over a minute), even though the box
has lots of idle time available and all of the C threads are running
without a glitch. We thought originally it might be memory related and
the GC was kicking in and freezing the JDK. That's not the case though,
and in fact the memory footprint of the Java application is very small. 


I know I've read that some ports of Java do not always use native
threads for the JDK thread model. Does anyone know the story with the
Diablo JDK port? Is there another explanation what might be causing this


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