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Wed Jul 29 05:43:40 UTC 2009

Okay - Thank you :) Mine is behind pfsense and PAT

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 10:33 PM, John Almberg <jalmberg at> wrote:

> So the only one you had marked was the svnserve-wrapper ? in Make config
> No, I just used the default config. You don't need svnserve-wrapper (what
> ever that is). You just run svnserve as a daemon, and access it like svn://
> Note the importance of PF to control access, otherwise, your svn server
> will be wide open. But since PF allows me (or rather, any one or process
> using an allowed IP address) to access the repository without
> authentication, use is really simple and straight forward.
> This is a pretty simple set up and probably only works well for single-user
> repositories, but that's exactly my situation.
> -- John


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