replacing GNATS?

Alexander Best alexbestms at
Tue Jul 28 09:07:28 UTC 2009

thanks for the link. although this wasn't the interview i was referring to the
announcement is great news.

i don't quite understand though why there's the need to create a completely
new bug tracking system. is this due to technical issues or rather a matter of
not wanting to use what all the others are using? or to be more precise: a
matter of pride.

quite often i've been thinking: dealing with freebsd in general could be so
much easier if somebody just said: "alright! this is the way to go!"

a lot of problems aren't really taken take of, but people talk about it for
ages not wanting to let go of ancient software e.g.

the freebsd mailman archive is a mess basically. searching within it either
returns useless results or doesn't work at all. plus the index leaves out
certain months or even years. there are so many good ways of having a clean
modern mailing list archive interface.

or another example: patches which haven't been tested enough to make it into
HEAD. they end up either on somebody's personal site in
or what's even worse end up in perforce which is a nasty piece of software

or take bug reports in general. everybody's concentrating on adding new
features to HEAD or participates in endless discussions about some unimportant
technical stuff where basically everybody tries to show off their tech

there are PR reports with patches included which solve critical and sometimes
ancient bugs, but nobody's taking care of them. i know people who've been
trying to use freebsd since 4.X, but were unable due to a panic which has been
analysed and patched. the patch however never made it into the repository,
because nobody seems to care.

it's no big secret that submitting bug reports is basically a waste of time.
if you have a patch for a problem and want to get it committed into HEAD or
STABLE you have to get in contact with somebody who has write access to svn.

just my 2 cents. ;)


Glen Barber schrieb am 2009-07-28:
> On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Alexander
> Best<alexbestms at> wrote:
> > i remember reading an interview with a fbsd maintainer where he
> > stated that
> > nobody's happy with the old GNATS bug tracking system, but since it
> > works
> > they're keeping it.

> > why not move to bugzilla or another bug tracking system? most of
> > them come
> > with GNATS_2_* scripts.

> > switching from cvs to svn (except ports) worked pretty well so why
> > not
> > continue in that fashion?

> Hi, Alexander

> I don't know if this is what you were referencing about the
> interview,
> but there was a funded project announcement in June about this:


> Just in case that's not what you're referring to.

> Cheers.

> (Disclaimer:  No, I am not justifying GNATS over Bugzilla, cvs over
> svn, etc, etc.  It was unclear to me if you were referring to the
> same
> 'interview', and I thought I would provide a link.)

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