INN configuration

Tim Kellers timothyk at
Sun Jul 26 16:44:17 UTC 2009

Michel Talon wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 09:12:43PM -0400, Tim Kellers wrote:
>> Looks like newsx was the solution I was looking for.  So far, it is 
>> pulling the articles from my active groups from my upstream provider.  I 
>> assume from the docs I have to run rnews -U after this immense pull has 
>> completed.
> I don't run rnews at all, as far as i remember. A thing you need to do
> is to run (news.daily is a script in ~news/bin).
> news.daily expireover lowmark
> each day (with crontab) to expire old news. After that inn runs
> perfectly regularly for years, and you don't fear problems like with
> leafnode.
I was going to crom something like:

newsx -d --maxnew 200 acme && rnews -U -v

but I'll definitely have a look at the news.daily script, too.



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