Quota support in GENERIC or as loadable module?

Wouter de Vries mail+freebsd at wwdevries.net
Sun Jul 26 15:15:46 UTC 2009


Right now quota support is not available by default in the GENERIC
kernel. As far as I know there is no way to compile quota support as a
loadable module, am I correct? If so, what are the reasons for not
including this feature in the GENERIC kernel and/or providing it as a
loadable module?

I would very much like to use the freebsd-update tool on my servers,
but I can't because I am forced to use a custom kernel to be able to
use quotas. I can imagine quotas is not being included in the GENERIC
kernel because it's only useful for servers and not for desktop users.
However, the freebsd-update tool seems to me especially useful for
servers and now can't be used on those systems because of the custom
kernel (assuming many, if not most, servers enforce quotas). Therefore
I don't understand why there isn't the option to include quota support
by a loadable module.

Does anybody have an explanation and/or a solution for this problem?
Thanks for your help in advance!

Kind regards,
Wouter de Vries

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