vim port have a lot of broken links ??

Mel Flynn mel.flynn+fbsd.questions at
Sat Jul 25 17:19:56 UTC 2009

On Saturday 25 July 2009 02:29:30 Kalle Møller wrote:
> Spot on.. My server is ipv6 ready.. (We are the hosting department of the
> ISP if we should examine all ticket we get with.. Its the networks fault we
> wouldn't do anything else :D )
> And fetch -4 is working
> fine. So it must be that it tries ipv6 first.

/usr/ports/Mk/ states:
# FETCH_ARGS    - Arguments to ftp/http fetch command.
#                 Default: "-ApRr"

Override it in /etc/make.conf:

Or one could set it in your shell environment for the duration that IPv6 is 
not working.

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