How to Benchmark zpool?

Steve Bertrand steve at
Fri Jul 24 23:34:18 UTC 2009

Drew Tomlinson wrote:
> I'm familiar with testing read speed of regular hard drive like this:
> dd if=/dev/daX of=/dev/null bs=65536
> How would I go about testing the read speed of a version 13 zfs raid1z
> zpool?

To get a q&d result, I usually install "mkfile":

# pkg_add -r mkfile

...and then in a few terminal windows to get the write speed:

# mkfile 50g bigfile.1
# mkfile 50g bigfile.2
# mkfile 50g bigfile.3

while in another terminal window, I watch:

# zpool iostat 1 get the read speed while still having the iostat term open:

# dd if=bigfile.1 of=/dev/null bs=65536

amanda# zpool iostat 1
               capacity     operations    bandwidth
pool         used  avail   read  write   read  write
storage     1.53T   292G  1.02K      0   130M      0
storage     1.53T   292G  1.05K      0   134M      0
storage     1.53T   292G  1.02K      0   129M      0
storage     1.53T   292G  1.02K      0   129M      0
storage     1.53T   292G  1.05K      0   134M      0


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