intel atom mobo support; ASUS AT3GC ?

Henrik Hudson lists at
Fri Jul 24 15:08:21 UTC 2009

Hey List,

I'm looking into running on of these:

Now it seems to differ from the stock intel Atom setup in that it's
using a Realtek 8112 NIC and I can't seem to find any documentation
showing support for that NIC. Anyone have any luck with that board
or know if it will work? From some forum posts it seems to be
similar to the 8111 series, but one never knows.

I'm picking this board because of the heatsink / fan setup over the
stock intel one.

I'd be using either 7-STABLE or if I have to 8-CURRENT. One will be
a dual-homed box, so I need both the onboard and the single PCI slot.


Henrik Hudson
lists at
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