jpeg-7 - rebuild all dependencies - how?

Peter Boosten peter at
Fri Jul 24 13:17:01 UTC 2009

Daniel Bye wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 02:03:43PM +0200, Ewald Jenisch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Updating one of my sytems I followed /usr/ports/UPDATING and did a
>> "pkg_delete -r jpeg-6b_7" - only to discover that everything that
> Au contraire, Blackadder. UPDATING says to run either of 
> portmaster -r jpeg*
> OR
> portupgrade -fr graphics/jpeg
> It says nothing of pkg_delete.

Not anymore, no. This is what's in my UPDATING:

  AFFECTS: users of graphics/jpeg
  AUTHOR: dinoex at

  jpeg has been updated to 7.0.
  Quick instructions:
        pkg_delete -r jpeg-6b_7
  Please rebuild all ports that depends on it.

I thought it to be the most stupid upgrade strategy ever, but indeed it
was there in the beginning.


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