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>From the docs for proftpd:

"By default, proftpd will log via syslog(3), using the daemon facility (auth 
for some logging), at various levels: err, notice, warn, info, and debug 
(debugging is done at this syslog level). The location of the server's log 
files in this case is determined by your /etc/syslog.conf configuration. "

"If the site administrator wants to have proftpd log its messages to a file 
rather than going through syslogd, the SystemLog configuration directive is 
the one to use. There is only one such file kept for the entire daemon. See 
the ServerLog directive for keeping a similar log on a per-vhost basis. "

The docs go on to say that if the system admin opts to use the SystemLog 
directive, the default (syslog, auth and authprive) will automaticly be 
disabled. Logging to syslog is the default.



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> On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 10:06:35PM -0400, Grant Peel typed:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to get Bruteblock working on FreeBSD 6.2 and hav e run into a
>> snag.
>> It appears that Proftpd is not sending log detail to the auth or authpriv
>> facility.
>> I have a simple Proftpd setup, with the SysLog directive completely
>> removed, and according to the man, it is supposed to be sending to 
>> authpriv.
> Do I get this straight?
> You have the syslog directive removed and still expect it to use syslog?
> One of us needs coffee ;)
>> Also, I have the bruteblock syslog.conf setup as per the manual as well.
>> Proftpd and Bruteblock were both setup from ports.
>> Has anyone ran into a similar issue? If so, how did you get around it?
>> -Grant
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