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On Wed, 22 Jul 2009 07:26:21 -0700 (PDT), Andrew Gould <andrewgould at> wrote:
> Is there a way to use gutenprint drivers with lpd when the
> printer definition is not in the foomatic database?

A "problem" is that CUPS seems to replace the default printer
spooler mechanism. There are settings in /etc/rc.conf that have
to be done in order to use CUPS and leave the lpd facility of
the BSD system aside.

> Is there something special I need to do for applications to see
> CUPS printers?

No. CUPS defines a printer name or uses the default "lp". You
can set the environmental variable PRINTER to point to the default

CUPS works as a printer filter, called "driver" in MICROS~1 land.
Input data is given to this filter, and it translates it into the
natural language of the printer. This data is then handed to the
printer spooler's waiting queue, and finally transmitted into the
printer when it's online and ready.

As an example, I have apsfilter as a printer filter which creates
PCL from any input data (using gs) from any application. My printer
has the name "Laserjet" (a HP Laserjet 4000 duplex). I'm using
FreeBSD's printer spooler.

In your case: You surely want to solve the potential problem of
concurrent printer spoolers - those of the system (/usr/bin/lp*)
and those of CUPS (/usr/local/bin/lp*). I think there's documentation
around in the FreeBSD Handbook in the Printing section.

Personally, I dislike CUPS, but it seems to be the only way to get
unprinters work on FreeBSD - "modern" egg-laying woolmilksows that
do not conform to any standards...

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