Purple photos on firefox..

herbert langhans herbert.raimund at gmx.net
Wed Jul 22 04:52:37 UTC 2009

It seems to be some firefox bug. When I save the certain purple JPG and
display it with another program on my comp it appears normal. 

Screenshot would look ok on any computer..

And it just happens occasionally. Maybe some screen engine bug in ff35?
Or my graphic card driver (sis-card) is allergic to ff35? Very strange,
all other X11 programs display correct..

Not even a big problem if its just on my computer. But I thought there are
other Freebsd users having this certain problem too.

herb langhans

> >- sometimes the photos, mostly the JPG I guess, appear visible but in a 
> >deep purple shade.

> Take a screenshot, upload it to a hosting site, have a friend look at the 
> photo with a different monitor.
> Failure modes for certain monitors may show these symptoms, or you may have 
> a loose cable to the video card.
> Let us know how it works out.

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