Odd behavior after installing a tape drive

mahlerrd at yahoo.com mahlerrd at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 19 20:56:26 UTC 2009

After installing a tape drive and SCSI card in my home system, I got some strange behavior that I think isn't directly related, but would like to get an expert opinion about.

mobius# uname -a
FreeBSD mobius 7.1-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE #0: Fri Sep  5 02:34:20 CDT 2008     rich at mobius:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386

On July 7, I turned off the system, installed the SCSI card, connected the drive and turned it all back on.  This all got correctly detected as (select lines from /var/log/messages):

Jul  7 03:10:40 mobius kernel: asr0: <Adaptec Caching SCSI RAID> mem 0xf4000000-0xf5ffffff irq 17 at device 12.1 on pci2
Jul  7 03:10:40 mobius kernel: asr0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
Jul  7 03:10:40 mobius kernel: asr0: [ITHREAD]
Jul  7 03:10:40 mobius kernel: asr0:   ADAPTEC 2100S FW Rev. 370F, 1 channel, 256 CCBs, Protocol I2O
Jul  7 03:10:40 mobius kernel: sa0 at asr0 bus 0 target 11 lun 0
Jul  7 03:10:40 mobius kernel: sa0: <EXABYTE VXA-172 3206> Removable Sequential Access SCSI-3 device

I stuck in a tape, did a level 0 dump of /home and tested a restore, both of which worked perfectly.

Only July 8, I ejected the tape via the button on the front, and then turned off the tape drive so the visiting relatives wouldn't complain about the fan noise (more from /var/log/messages):
Jul  8 02:27:01 mobius kernel: (sa0:asr0:0:11:0): lost device

That next week, I tried to SSH to this box from work to do some minor random thing or another, and I got this sort of error message:
Jul 14 15:27:16 mobius sshd[64290]: error: openpty: Invalid argument
Jul 14 15:27:16 mobius sshd[64293]: error: session_pty_req: session 0 alloc failed

I believe I had SSHed to it at least twice over the preceding week, on July 10 and early in the day on July 14.

As the system was running perfectly in all other ways (well, at least the wife hadn't complained her network files were offline, which is the only important thing!), it took a few days before I finally got around to logging in at the console and rebooting it after which it has seemed to be fine.  The system has been eminently stable other than this one issue one time.  

I have not been able to find much from Google about this other than the following two items-

A) very specific bugs against different SSH versions than I am using.  Doubt this is the problem.

B) some issues some folks have had with needing to create /dev/pty or similar items.  While it seems far fetched, this is the first time the system was up with a new device and ... I don't know.  New device in the system and an old device goes wonky within a week seems to be a bit of a coincidence.  

** Does anyone have any thoughts if these are related or not?  **

Also, any tips, tricks or sites with working with tape drives on FreeBSD would be appreciated!  (The handbook is a bit sparse on this point and I'm used to autoloaders and better under Windows/Backup Exec).  I'm learning my way around camcontrol and mt, but should only need such things in certain circumstances, like to get the tape drive "back" after turning it off for a while, right?


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