FreeBSD7.2 + Debian testing ("Squeeze") dual boot

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at
Fri Jul 17 00:10:30 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 2:35 PM, AG<computing.account at> wrote:
> Hello all
> I've been tempted for quite some years now to try FreeBSD, so I am wanting
> to dual-boot the most up-to-date version (which I *think* is 7.2?) with
> Debian (cn: Squeeze) on an AMD Sempron Dual Core 2300 sata machine, with a
> Debian configuration on /home.
> This is a project that I am going to be playing with over the next few
> months, so know that I have lots of reading to do, and the calibre of
> FreeBSD docs looks impressive.  Kudos.  At this point, I'm just wanting to
> do a bit of straw poll about these systems playing together, especially
> around the UID on /home/* and whether that poses a problem accessing the
> same files from different OSs?  Just interested in general thoughts and
> opinions, if people are cool with that.
> Thanks
> Anton

you should know that if you are looking to play 3D games, and have a
nvidia graphics card
there is no 3d support for amd64 you will have to run i386.

this limitation on amd64 is being worked on by nvidia with the help of
John baldwin.

Sam Fourman Jr.

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