FreeBSD7.2 + Debian testing ("Squeeze") dual boot

Carl Johnson carlj at
Thu Jul 16 23:55:36 UTC 2009

AG <computing.account at> writes:

> I've been tempted for quite some years now to try FreeBSD, so I am
> wanting to dual-boot the most up-to-date version (which I *think* is
> 7.2?) with Debian (cn: Squeeze) on an AMD Sempron Dual Core 2300 sata
> machine, with a Debian configuration on /home.
> This is a project that I am going to be playing with over the next few
> months, so know that I have lots of reading to do, and the calibre of
> FreeBSD docs looks impressive.  Kudos.  At this point, I'm just
> wanting to do a bit of straw poll about these systems playing
> together, especially around the UID on /home/* and whether that poses
> a problem accessing the same files from different OSs?  Just
> interested in general thoughts and opinions, if people are cool with
> that.

There are other options for experimenting with.  I am currently
running Debian Lenny with FreeBSD 7.1 running in VirtualBox.  That
works well for ssh, and the virtual display will run X11 pretty well.
The display for X is not accelerated, but that works well enough
unless you want to run games or 3D.  I probably have a slower system
than you do (Athlon 64 3000), so the speed should be fine for you.
The memory requirements seems less than for Debian, so I am running
KDE for FreeBSD in a VirtualBox machine with 350MB and it works well.

The UIDs are not the same (500? for FreeBSD and 1000 for Debian), but
I just did a find/chown to change the UID for my login to allow
ssh/scp to work properly.  The next release (8.0) is supposed to
support Xen, so I am planning to try that when it comes out
Carl Johnson		carlj at

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