OFFTOPIC: HP DL1xx vs IBM x3250 vs DELL R200

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Wed Jul 15 21:32:20 UTC 2009

>> On Wed, 15 Jul 2009 08:53:04 +0300, 
>> Peter <peterpub2 at> said:

P> I wanted to get some feedback about HP DL1xx vs IBM x3250 vs DELL R200
P> since if they are more silent than supermicro I can go with them.

   Something else to consider - I have two IBM x3400 boxes running 7.1, but
   unfortunately I'll have to move to either Red Hat or SUSE Enterprise Linux
   to get support from IBM.  The boxes work fine most of the time, but about
   every 40-60 days one of them will simply stop working with no dumpfile,
   error message, or anything else.  A power-cycle is needed to reboot.
   The hardware's been checked, and the firmware's all up to date.

   I don't know if an x3250 and an x3400 are close enough hardware-wise
   for this to matter.

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