OFFTOPIC: HP DL1xx vs IBM x3250 vs DELL R200

Peter peterpub2 at
Wed Jul 15 05:53:12 UTC 2009

Tim Judd wrote:
> On 7/13/09, Peter <peterpub2 at> wrote:

> Building your own box is more likely to support naturally and best
> option than HP/IBM/Dell if you want complete customization -- but you
> or your company may prefer a commercial support option if things go
> awry.
> Good luck.

I can easily build a supermicro box, but they tend to be noisy :-)
Another option I think is to get 2U supermicro, which obviously will
quieter. However, I wanted to get some feedback about  HP DL1xx vs IBM
x3250 vs DELL R200 since if they are more silent than supermicro I can
go with them. I already have 2 1 U machine and one of them DELL 1650
seems quite noisy and old :-) so did not want to risk to raise noise
level much more.


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