What does one call name server registration?

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Wed Jul 15 13:38:53 UTC 2009

Michael David Crawford wrote:
> Valentin and Olivier,
> Thank you very much for your kind help.
> I think what I needed were *both* NS and GLUE records.  The NS record 
> establishes a host as a nameserver, and the GLUE record allows the name 
> server's own domain name to be within the domain it is the name server 
> for - that is, GLUE records prevent infinite loops when looking up the 
> domain it is a part of.

Yes and no.

Glue records make it possible to find the the NS in the first place; 
you're avoiding a broken chain rather than any risk of loops.

zone for example.com

mydomain	IN	NS	ns.mydomain.example.com.

zone for mydomain.example.com

		IN	NS	ns.mydomain.example.com.
ns		IN	A

If you have the above, you've properly delegated the 
mydomain.example.com zone to ns.mydomain.example.com, but you'll never 
reach anything in that zone, as the only A record for the server is in 
the zone you're trying to find the server for, and you have no idea 
where that server is...

So you have to put a

ns.mydomain.example.com.	IN	A

record in the example.com zone so that recursive lookups can find that 
one critical address and access the mydomain zone.  That's the glue record.


--Jon Radel
jon at radel.com
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