Why this flash drive not detected in devd?

Sagara Wijetunga sagara at tomahawk.com.sg
Tue Jul 14 03:47:25 UTC 2009

Mel Flynn writes: 

> On Saturday 11 July 2009 00:36:09 Sagara Wijetunga wrote: 
>> I prefer to handle mounting through an automounter even without KDE
>> running.
> I think most users want to handle the disk based on the content not on the 
> device that has the disk. Ideally I would want my desktop to:
> 1) automount below a root that I can configure
> 2) when a disk is labeled, use the lowercase version of the label as 
> mountpoint, resolving conflicts using 2-digit serial suffixes.
> 3) when a disk is not labeled, mount it temporarily using a unique name (f.e. 
> using uuid(3)), provide me with an option to label it
>    a) if yes, label and remount, asking me to abort if this means disk content 
> gets lost
>    b) if no, show me where it's mounted. 
> Of course, YMMV, but I really don't care if my SD card with my photos is in 
> the built-in SD card holder, in the camera itself or on an USB SD card reader 
> I plugged in. I want my photos to be under ~/photos each time.
> -- 
> Mel

Hi Mel 

Thanks for your feedback. 

Our Tomahawk Desktop (http://www.tomahawkcomputers.com/) is targeted for end 
users, from years two (2) onwards :) My son is now two and quarter. He plays 
music, just drag and drop music files (flac) to Xine, play videos, draw 
stars, circles, cars, parrots, etc. on Inkscape, see his photos, etc. on 
Tomahawk Desktop. 

Here is what we have done five years ago based on Linux and how people used 
Tomahawk Desktop 1.x series. 

You plug in your Thumb drive and go to /media/thumdrive and access your 
thumb drive. Close your app (eg. Konqueror), system automatically unmount 
the thumb drive for you. An average Tomahawk Desktop 1.x user is not even 
aware that there is such thing as mount and unmount of devices. Its just 
plug and play for them. 

You plug in your camera and go to /media/camera and access your camera. Just 
drag and drop your photos or videos to your computer or transfer to another 
thumb drive. 

Now we have switched to FreeBSD from Linux. We would still like to offer 
this feature as a minimum for Tomahawk Desktop users. We do not want to tell 
our users it is not supported on FreeBSD, therefore, you are crippled now. 

Knowing that a device has been created with the device name da0 or da0s1 is 
insufficient for us to determine whether that device is a thumb drive, 
camera, audio player, etc. 

We need another event to devd once the device (eg. da0, da1, etc) is known 
with minimum vendor and product ids. For this purpose, we would like to 
modify the USB sub system. We need help in this regard. 

I have posted another post to freebsd-stable list titled “FreeBSD 7.2 USB 
stack info needed”. Please reply if you do have time. 

Best regards

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