Install from a USB Pen

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Mon Jul 13 13:32:51 UTC 2009

Em Seg, 2009-07-13 às 13:02 +0100, Mark Wallbank escreveu:

> OK I know this has probably been done to death by know and I keep
> hitting the same problems with the methods I have tried to find on
> google and I know I could just sacrifice a laptop and do a build to
> create the image or do a net (pxe) install from another NIX serverbut
> it does seem to be a bit over the top. Does any body know of an easy
> way to create a bootable USB install media for 7.2 using either linux
> or vista (or using an option from the install dvd). I have tried some
> of the tricks from openBSD and linux to no avail.
> Any help appreciated...
> Cheers
> Mark
> _______________________________________________

I did not tested but....
1) make a FreeBSD cdrom 7.2 (600Mb)
2) a machine with NO HD, 1 pen drive (2gb), CDrom reader
3) boot from the cdrom  option 6
4) make sure there is umass on the kernel=> command: load umass
5) command=> boot
the machine boots, and should find an "HD"  da0
6) choose a lay out of: 50Mb of swap, rest for /
7) choose minimum install than.... INSTALL
8) setup network....    reboot (remove cd from drive) the machine should
run on the pen-drive...

Hope this whill help.

as I have several FreeBSD boxes, here I generate the pen-drive from a cd
1) insert the pen drive, the machine finds it on da0
2) fdisk -BI  (wipe out the pen-drive...)
3) disklabel -wB da0s1
4) newfs da0s1a
5) mount /dev/da0s1a /mnt
6) export DESTDIR=/mnt
7) cd /cdrom (the mount point of the mounted freebsd cdrom...) go to the
7.2-release base 
8) sh
9) create the /etc/fstab...  on /mnt....
/dev/da0s1a        /        ufs        rw    1    1
10) test is everything is ok.... =>   chroot /mnt
should work.... then go back =>  exit
11) go to the kernel directory in the cd.... 7.2-release/kernel
sh generic
12) rm -rf /mnt/boot/kernel
13) mv /mnt/boot/GENERIC /mnt/boot/kernel
14) umount /mnt
15) system should boot.

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